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Michael Anderson

Executive & Business Leadership Coach


I help high-impact leaders to deepen an understanding of themselves, their teams, and their business, unlocking new levels of growth, satisfaction and impact beyond what they previously thought possible. ​


Whether drawn to my warmth and genuine care for them, my ability to ask questions that lead to the heart of the matter, or my objective outside opinion, I am fortunate to get to know my clients deeply, often better than anyone else in their lives.


I help them organize and reprogram their thinking by providing a closed container to look past their tasks and responsibilities to identify their deepest desires and dreams then boldly pursue and achieve them with support.


As a trusted friend and advisor, I am often able to speak truth to clients and have the hard - sometimes uncomfortable - conversations where few others are willing to go.


Grounded in results – my clients often multiply their businesses and net worth, achieve promotions ahead of schedule, or make the leap into an exciting new career. However, a person is more than just their work. Thus, even more meaningful, clients report feelings of genuine happiness and life satisfaction; their families are better, their lifestyles are healthier, and they feel spiritually alive and connected.


With a background in systems engineering, as Hewlett Packard’s Telecom Operations for the continent of Europe, Program Managing a $100M P&L, and operating as a Chief of Staff over a $300M P&L during HP’s split, and as an eager student of my craft I am able to provide a robust toolbelt of many different skills, methodologies, and approaches for a full gambit of coaching techniques that result in meaningful growth of a clients work and personal life.

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