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Michael Anderson

Executive & Business Leadership Coach


Michael believes that everyone deserves to work for a great leader and is driven by his passion to help executives become leaders their employees love to follow. Michael takes a process-oriented and data-driven approach to executive development. To his clients, Michael is a trusted advisor and ally.

Michael has worked worked with business founders and executive leaders at companies ranging from seven-figure start-ups to multi-billion-dollar enterprises. Typical results include enhanced collaboration with management, staff, and peers; increased delegation and staff development; and improved execution on key initiatives.

Prior to coaching, Michael worked closely with executives in the technology industry, advised a number of startups, led several multi-national teams for Fortune 50 companies, and managed European network operations for a multi-billion-dollar corporation. Michael has a passion for supporting companies that empower their employees and have a positive impact on all stakeholders.

Michael holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Arkansas. In his free time, Michael enjoys live performances, skiing, scuba diving, and afternoon runs around Town Lake.


Jacquelyn Lane

Executive Leadership Coach


Jacquelyn Lane is the Chief of Staff for 100 Coaches. She ensures that operations run smoothly and leads projects for organizational improvement and expansion. Jacquelyn is a natural connector and enjoys learning from the wide-ranging experience of the 100 Coaches members.

Through her work with vulnerable populations in Greece, Uganda, and South Africa, Jacquelyn has observed the impact of business on global development and human flourishing. She is a passionate advocate for conscious capitalism and entrepreneurship as a means to create sustainable solutions globally.

Jacquelyn received her Master’s in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge. At Cambridge, Jacquelyn learned how to view engineering as a way of thinking and force for social good rather than as purely a technical expertise. Her thesis applied an engineering systems approach to the refugee system in Greece during the height of the European Refugee Crisis. Jacquelyn received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

While Jacquelyn was working in oil and gas operations, she and her husband founded an executive coaching firm - Anderson Coaching Group. Through the process of writing 30+ executive 360 assessments, Jacquelyn discovered the enduring impact of coaching and transformative leadership, and made a career transition to full-time leadership development.


Jacquelyn and her husband live in Austin, Texas with their dog Margo. In her free time, Jacquelyn enjoys rowing and reading about business and leadership.